Utility Shut-off

In an emergency, you may want to listen to a local AM radio station, contact Poison Control, consider City/State/Federal emergency management advice, refer to Homeland Security, and monitor the weather channels. Personal protective equipment (PPE) may be necessary to be safe and secure. 


Electric Breakers:

To shut off electricity, locate the circuit box (outside on the side of the house). Shut off the individual circuits before turning off the main breaker. Turn off the main breaker last.



Gas Meter:

To shut off natural gas, locate the valve, and turn 90 degrees, or 1/4 turn, so that it crosses the pipe. (Do NOT use WD-40.) This valve is a rectangular or flat-sided tab, and is open/on when it is parallel to the gas pipe. The gas shut-off valve is on the pipe coming out of the ground. You may want to purchase an emergency gas valve shut-off tool for this task. 

To turn the gas back on, you must call a qualified gas representative. 


Main Water Shut-off Valve:

Where is the main water valve at home?

There is an outside lever to turn off the water, under the front spigot, and also a main water valve in the ground near the street curb.


Electrical box on side of house

Gas meter on side of house

Water spigot outside front door

Main water valve near curb

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